RTIR 3.0.0rc3 Available


RTIR 3.0.0rc3 fixes a regression discovered after rc2.


SHA1 sums

4621348aa5d8d55f9271cd2caf8f26e1c7697688 RT-IR-3.0.0rc3.tar.gz
63705f4dffce29e6504a915b544c6791996a3920 RT-IR-3.0.0rc3.tar.gz.asc

This release addresses a regression in RTIR’s Simple Search
functionality. Searching for an Incident Report, Investigation or Block
id no longer results in an empty search results list.

It also improves testing for the search editing and menuing to help
prevent future regressions of this code.

Unless any blocking regressions are reported, I expect 3.0.0 to ship
next week.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 3.0.0rc2…3.0.0rc3
or visiting
Comparing 3.0.0rc2...3.0.0rc3 · bestpractical/rtir · GitHub