RTIR 3.0.0rc2 Available

RTIR 3.0.0rc2 fixes regressions in 3.0.0rc1 and improves compatibility
with RT 4.


SHA1 sums

4bfd6a03ed2bb92dfbde0035decacf0891e08f5e RT-IR-3.0.0rc2.tar.gz
6e1742e072c66e143c822eaeadc3a4cd42c19c8c RT-IR-3.0.0rc2.tar.gz.asc

This RTIR release requires RT 4.0.14. A release candidate has been made
available which is suitable for running with this release.

If you are already running 3.0.0rc1, this release contains a database upgrade.
If you are still running on 2.6 but have been testing upgrades, it
includes a number of updates to the upgrade process that should improve

Please review all of the documentation in docs/UPGRADING and
corresponding docs/UPGRADING-* files relevant to your current RTIR

You may also review the upgrading documentation at


  • Loss of checkbox state on Incident Reply.
  • Editing of searches from the Incident Reply/Merge or other pages with
    embedded searches now keeps state properly.
  • RTIR no longer automatically loads the last viewed search on your
    homepage or on an Incident Display or Reply page as your ‘Current
    Search’. This should reduce confusion when editing searches.
  • Users CC’ed on Investigation creation will now receive the initial
    ticket mail. If you are upgrading, there is required action documented
    in docs/UPGRADING-3.0.
  • A number of language standardizations have been applied.
    Investigations are always Launched, you always Edit a Search rather
    than Building a Query.
  • If an old upgrade left behind Saved Searches or Default Formats with
    old RTIR Custom Fields, RTIR will warn the Administrator and User.
  • Upgrades from very old RTIR versions (1.0 era) are now compatible with
    RT 4 and RTIR 3.
  • When Splitting a Report or Block, don’t lose the Incident Link, and
    support Reports and Blocks being linked to multiple Incidents.
  • The 2.9.0 database upgrade’s performance can be improved with
    temporary indexes.
  • The 2.5.1 upgrade script to fix Saved Searches now catches more RTIR
    Custom Fields.
  • When editing a search, users can now select a Status.


  • IP Custom Fields now link to the Lookup page, rather than requiring
    users to search for the IP in the ticket history.
  • DutyTeam users can now preview outgoing mail recipients as well as see
    a record of outgoing mail on Tickets.
  • Investigations now always get Signatures on Create/Reply while
    Incidents do not have a Signature on Create (because they are
  • RT’s ‘make upgrade-database’ is available for RTIR database upgrades.
  • As many RTIR Custom Fields as possible are now Dropdowns instead of
    Select Boxes.
  • RTIR’s default Whois servers are in a more useful order.
  • The old version of Net::Whois::RIPE required by RTIR is now bundled
    and patched for perl-5.18.0 compatibility. This should simplify


A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 3.0.0rc1…3.0.0rc2
or visiting
Comparing 3.0.0rc1...3.0.0rc2 · bestpractical/rtir · GitHub