RTIR 1.0.3rc1

I’m pleased to announce that RT for Incident Response 1.0.3rc1 is now
available at:


This version of RTIR features significant performance improvements,
and the addition of the requestor in the main page listing of unlinked
incident reports.

Bug fixes include:

  • no HTML escaping on pre-populated information for new incidents and

  • stealing an incident, incident report, investigation, or block
    produces the proper owner for all related tickets

  • ‘About RTIR’ link only appears when the user is inside of RTIR

Linda Julien
Best Practical

Hi *,

Just a word of advise: Make sure you very carefully check that the
scrip-updates from the readme work. becaouse otherwise you might end up
with al kinds of funny states of tickets…

Linda: is it possible to wrap the scrips in the Readme at a reasonable
terminal width. (because I opened it overlooking the fact that my less
wrapped some lines, and the cut&paste broke those scrips).

lG uk
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