Ok, so I managed to get RT3 sorted and it is now creating tickets. I
suspected that it was a Postgres problem with RT3, as I was running 7.1.x
I thus migrated sideways to mysql, as this seems to be the preferred DB, and
still had the same error…
Turns out that the req-mailgate was what was bugging me, and I had to set it
to SGID, which resolved that for me.

And our local CPAN doesn’t seem to want to propagate the new
DBIx-SearchBuilder 0.8. Had to manually scrounge it, and install it.

So I also installed RTFM. Two things jumped out at me:
When I search on an RTFM ticket on the reply/comment, it re-adds the
signature. So you end up with multiple signatures in the reply.
I also get the article listed, but when I click on the (GO) button next to
it, it just adds another signature, and no RTFM article… :frowning: Am I missing
something here?

I would also like to be able to use the RTFM Articles as templates on
CREATION of a ticket, not just comment/reply, as I am thinking of using it
to generate a new ticket, and would like to have a default fill-in-form
template that I can edit and whack out, to save a lot of time… How
trivial/non-trivial would it be, to do something like this? Or have a
selection of templates for ticket creation…

Just to outline my thoughts:
The idea is to have an incoming queue, and an outgoing queue. Once an issue
has been analyzed on incoming, I want to create a (new) ticket on outgoing,
which just refers back to the incoming (parent/child). Once the outgoing
issue has been resolved and close, go back to incoming, and reply to the
originator and resolve.
The idea here is that the tickets are separated to prevent accidental
mailing to the originator, as they should not know the outgoing recipient,
yet the outgoing recipient can know who the originator was.
Of course the nice to have would be a “forward” functionality, or a “create
new ticket based on” functionality, which automagically sets the
parent/child relationship…

I have to say again, that this is a great piece of “art”, and I wish I had
more time to tinker with it.

I’m away for the next week, and will catch up on things the week after…

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-> between 25,000 and 200,000 tickets in your RT database. You should have
-> a test host on which you can play with the importer without fear of
-> toasting your live RT instance. Ideally, you should have at least some
-> perl experience to help debug issues we run into. Please contact me at
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-> got (Type and version), what sort of host you’ll be doing the testing
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