RTFM: sorting, FreeformMultiple

We’ve started using RTFM to store pieces of information about various servers.
A few questions have come up:

  • Is sorting the search display in the works, or does anyone have a patch to just
    sort by name or something? Some larger classes are a bit difficult to browse with
    items in random order. My perl isn’t good enough to deal with this, unfortunately.

  • When editing the custom fields a class should have, there is a text box
    next to each CF. This isn’t documented, I assume it is meant to be the sort order?
    It has no effect, however (all CF’s have their sort order set to 0 in their own

  • The docs say it should be possible to have multiple bulleted items generated from
    text entered in a FreeformMultiple field. However, all text I enter appears on one
    line despite the line breaks. I’m using Safari (MacOS X), perhaps wrong sort of
    linebreaks or something? I’ve been meaning to look at this a bit more closely,
    but I wouldn’t say no to a ready solution (-:

I’m using RT 3.0.8, RTFM 2.0.3rc6, Perl 5.8.3 and mod_perl on FreeBSD 5.2.

Valtteri Vuorikoski vuori@magenta.net
MagentaSites Oy