RTFM missing custom field after upgrade

A recent Fedora 4 upgrade apparently did something to my Apache install
that caused the RTFM link to disappear from the main RT menu. Yep,
sounds odd but I swear that’s what happened. Never could track down why.

Anyway, I decided upgrading RT/RTFM would be the way to go and indeed
the link returned after this procedure. Upgraded from/to - RT3 3.4.0 to
RT3 3.4.5 / RTFM 2.04 to RTFM 2.20RC2

However, it also seems to have introduced another issue in that now
custom fields don’t display in RTFM. I have one custom field which
contains the body text of RTFM Articles and although that field and data
are in the mysql database I just can’t figure out why it’s not
displaying. I’ve gone through the code and the database structure to the
best of my ability and searched everywhere without luck.

There does appear to be a problem in the database with duplicated fields
of different names that leads me to belive the database schema upgrade
did not happen properly. Most obviously, FM_ArticleCFValues appears to
the same as FM_CustomFieldValues. FM_CustomFieldValues was empty so I
copied the data from FM_ArticleCFValues in to it but this didn’t help.

The only errors I’m getting in the apache logs haven’t helped me much:

“my” variable $id masks earlier declaration in same scope at
tomField_Overlay.pm line 914.
“my” variable $msg masks earlier declaration in same scope at
cket_Overlay.pm line 3021.

I received this same error when doing the “upgrade” procedure for RTFM
when you run the three commands that do the schema, acl and insert
commands against the mysql database.

I decided to attempt to create a custome field for RTFM and received
this error:

[Fri May 5 13:41:03 2006] [error]: WebRT: Could not create CustomField
() (/opt

Couldn’t find any refereces to error 78

I’ve also removed the RTFM directories from my rt3 tree and reinstalled
RTFM from a fresh tarball with no luck.

So, long story short I’d sure appreciate some help if any of this rings
a bell for someone. Don’t expect anyone to do my work for me but would
sure appreciates some guidelines for any further testing I can do or
procedures to run that might help me to resolve this issue.

BTW, we use RT3/RTFM as a non-profit tech support org that assists 30
non-profit community groups. RT has made a huge difference in how
professionally we can provide that service and helps to keep the costs
as low as possible. Can’t thank you enough for making it available.

Cheers from Downunder!

Darrell Burkey
0408 622 647