RTFM Error (long)

I have just finished upgrading one of my RT instances to 3.0.8, RTFM to
2.0.3rc5, and DBIx::SearchBuilder to 0.96.

This is the first time I have installed RTFM on this box, and I have
gone through the process of building three classes:


I’ve assigned all of those classes the two custom fields I’ve created:

Title (0) - FreeFormSingle
Bode (1) - WikiTextSingle

And now I’m trying to go and create my first article, when I get the
following error:

snip ============================================================
Can’t call method “Content” on an undefined value at
/opt/rt3/share/html/RTFM/Article/Elements/EditCustomField line 3.

1: % if ($CustomFieldObj->Type eq ‘FreeformSingle’) {
2: <input
3: value=”<%$Values->First->Content%>">
4: % }
5: % elsif ($CustomFieldObj->Type eq ‘FreeformMultiple’) {
7: %while (my $value = $Values->Next ) {

code stack:
snip ============================================================

I’m not sure what this is saying, other than perhaps the $Values object
doesn’t exist.

And the $Values object doesn’t exist because the following code isn’t
doing what its supposed to do in

snip ============================================================

if (!$Values ) {
if ($ArticleObj) {
$Values = $ArticleObj->CustomFieldValues($CustomFieldObj->id);
} else {
$Values = RT::FM::ArticleCFValues->new($session{‘CurrentUser’});

snip ============================================================

Hopefully, someone else has seen something similar, or this exact issue.
I’ve started the bug tracking process, but I’m getting pretty confused.
Are there perldocs for this, or would I expect that it’s going to use
the RT API, and that the perldocs will not exist for the extension of
that API?

Help, please.

  • Richard

p.s. I would also like some guidance to some good documentation (for a
beginner) about best practices use of diff and patch. Most of my merging
has been done via Araxis Merge, so I’m finding myself befuddled by the
command line model.

p.p.s Also, some guidance on some good documentation (for a beginner)
about best practices for the adminning of CVS (Use of SSH, anonymous
access, changelog management, web interface, etc). I know that RT is now
using the product by the Tigris group, but I don’t feel sophisticated
enough to understand even what it would mean for me to make that choice.