RTFM 2.0.3 - Live from YAPC::Taipei::2004

Live and direct from the YAPC::Taipei::2004 release party at Cafe Oso
in Taipei, Taiwan, I’m pleased to announce the release of RTFM 2.0.3.
This release features numerous cleanups and minor bugfixes, as well as
a port to Oracle. It’s immediately availalble from:


800d09f7a666718b210c7966eb434d3e RTFM-2.0.3.tar.gz
d75e59ba8d1f777f73ae8505ad992650 RTFM-2.0.3.tar.gz.sig


Jesse Vincent
Best Practical Solutions, LLC

New Functionality:

     It is now possible to extract tickets to WikiTextSingle fields
     RTFM now supports Oracle

Bug fixes:

     Fixed a bug in rendering tickets with newly created 

custom fields. Reported by Ed Kershenbaum.

     RTFM no longer inserts newlines into RT's autohandler,
     (This bug disabled RT's CLI)

     #5217: RTFM now provides UI allowing users to create classes

     #5218: RTFM previously prevented some users for creating 


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