RTFM 2.0.2RC1 now available - Source code now in subversion

The first release candidate of RTFM 2.0.2 is now available from


(You'll note that a PGP signature is available. It is signed
with my 1024-bit DSA key, ID 70EBAC90, created 2000-10-26

This release features a number of bugfixes and small improvements, as
well as one “major” feature. RTFM now supports a new “WikiText” custom
field type. This works identically to the existing TextSingle custom
field type, except Wiki Markup (as implemented by Text::WikiFormat) is
available to article authors. In addition, RTFM’s UI has been tweaked to
do the right thing when a user clicks on a WikiLink to a page that
doesn’t exist.

This is also the first release of RTFM since our migration from aegis to
subversion (http://subversion.tigris.org).

You can browse the subversion repository on the web at

Currently, RTFM, RT 3.1, rt2-to-rt3, DBIx-SearchBuilder and Business-Hours are
being developed in Subversion. RTIR and RT 3.0 are still being developed
in aegis, though we expect to move development to svn as we work out the
kinks with the other projects. It is our hope that subversion will help
make Best Practical’s source and development process easier for external
developers to follow and contribute to. Currently direct repository
access is somewhat restricted, but as we set up apache2, we expect to
make public read-only access available via http.

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