RT5: priviledged users cannot view list of open tickets

Hi, after upgrade to rt5, priviledged users can no longer view all unowned tickets (see attachement)

. Only root can do . What setting am I missing?

Thank you

What is the screen shot showing us?

Upgrading to RT 5 shouldn’t have changed the rights schema, so my first guess would be these users do not have the rights to see some tickets and they didn’t before the upgrade either.

You could use the rights inspector on one of the users who is reporting the issue Admin->Tools->Rights Inspector to see if the user has the SeeTicket right for which ever ticket they currently aren’t seeing

Thank you for your reply. The screenshot i sent shows that ticket 7822 is missing from the list and the priviledged user cannot see it and take it.
So, I opened the CheckRights tools and first of all noticed that in my case I don’t see any SeeTicket right in the rights column for any ticket.
However, for ticket 7822 there is not the ShowTicket right (see new attachment) while for ticket 7823 there is. The question is how to enable or assign this right (I couldn’t find any ShowTicket option when searching in the user or group rights)
Thank you

Show ticket should be in the first tab under “General rights”

Where should I find the General rights tab? My available rights to choose can be seen in the my new attachment. I found them choosing the group as admin and clicking on user rights (however, I found no ShowTicket right even in group rights tab).

You can grant them at the queue level:

Admin->Queue->General->Group rights

Or globally:

Admin->Global->Group rights

OK, I had to check the attached right. Thanks again!

I still have some issues with rights. In particular privileged users cannot take tickets. I get "That user may not own tickets in that queue "


Although I granted the Take Ticket right.
On the other hand, when I grant the Own Ticket right I get “Permission denied”


Which right am i supposed to change (in group, user or queue ) in order for the privileged users to take tickets?
Thank you

Just to add that I don’t have the General submenu under Admin->Queue . Is there a way to get it?