RT5.0.0 Attachments failing to appear

Attachments copied into a ticket via the web GUI seem to disappear without trace. Also attachments to emails sent to RT queue mailboxes fail to be attached to ticket.

Anyone else having problems? Where to start looking for what’s causing the issues?

The RT5.0.0 was a clean install, so maybe default config needs tweaking?

Do you have this RT config set?


You can check in Admin->Tools->System Configuration

If that’s not the issue I’d check for some attachment limit in your email server or MTA.

Anything in the Apache/RT logs when a attachment disappears in the web UI?

MaxAttachmentSize set to 25MB, but other Attachment settings undef, so this should be ignored anyway.

Can’t find anything relevant in any logfiles, RT seems to happily accept the attachment and then just dump it without logging any error.

Attachment sizes were smaller than limits set on mail server. Mail server logs indicate email was delivered OK.

Just done some tests and weirdly RT now accepting attachments, I’ve changed nothing, so no idea why it wasn’t working and no idea why it’s started working.

The problem seems to be associated with how the ticket was created initially.

Tickets created from the web GUI behave correctly.

Tickets created by direct email submission to RT queues fail to subsequently accept attachments either via email or GUI.

More information…

When dragging a PDF onto the GUI or attaching by opening File Explorer, I get an icon with red X and a message 500 Internal Server Error.

Anything in the RT logs when you do that?

Found the problem. Since Apache v2.3.6, FcgidMaxRequestLen is defaulted to 131072 bytes, prior to that it defaulted to 1GB.

Any attempt to send an HTTP request bigger than 131072 bytes causes a 500 Internal Server Error.

apache.conf doesn’t show any entry for FcgidMaxRequestLen, so it’s deault value is hidden. I had to add one. I’ve set it to 25MB for now which is the same as the max email attachment size.