RT441 - can't execute custom scrip before others


despite reading through other threads, I can still no get my custom scrip to run before another custom scrip.

  • TransactionBatch is enabled in the RT config file.
  • My custom scrip (id=45) is named “01 Remove Outside Org Caution Message” and it is set up as a Transaction Batch (Applies To => Global Scrip stage = Batch).
  • The other custom Scrip (id=13) “On Requestor Reply Notify Owner or AdminCCs” executes first depite being second if ordered alphanumerically. That scrip is also set in Batch stage mode

Since my custom “01 Remove Outside Org Caution Message” modifies the message content before it is sent to the ticket owner or adminCCs, I want it executed first but It is always executed AFTER the other scrip (Id=13) . I don’t understand what I’m missing - can somebody please help? Does rt441 no longer use alphanumeric characters to set scrip order?


If you look at the scrips list for a queue there’s a column on the right hand side labelled “Move”. That lets you change the order of your scrips - there’ll be “[up]” and “[down]” links for your scrips that you can move.

Oh thanks, it was so easy !

Yes, the functionality of numbering the scrips names like "“01 Remove Outside Org Caution Message” to execute them in order isn’t in place from the times this position moving was introduced. Maybe RT 3.8? But the internet is still full of the old recipes…