RT4 slow performance

Hi All,

I enabled Mason Profiler as RT4’s performance is slow. And I found in the error logs that the Attachments in the email history takes the longest seconds to load.

What is the resolution for this?

Thank you in advance for responding.

Karen :slight_smile:

You must tell us more about what “slow” is for you (which action, which time) and your setup (storage type, db type, …).

This is the observation, we have atleast 10-15 users of RT, if 1 user opens or transact 1 ticket that has the biggest size of email history (with images, email threads,etc), RT starts to slow down (either clicking the Home or just replying), this will now affect the other users, so the solution I always do is to restart the RT server.

Set up:

DB - MySql

Thank you, hope I explain it well.

Karen :slight_smile: