RT4 omitting attachments on correspondence

I’m using RT 4.4.4 and we do most of our work via e-mail. Users typically send mail to rt, and we watchers get e-mailed a ticket. Recently I’ve noticed that attachments aren’t making it through to the e-mail sent to the watchers. The attachments are there in RT, and you can view them through the web interface, but they’re not on the outgoing e-mails. I’ve browsed around in the documentation and forums, but I haven’t yet found any explanation for this. Here’s what my Correspondence template looks like:

RT-Attach-Message: yes


(the RT-Attach-Message is at the top, with no extra lines in front of it.)

We successfully used RT3 for years, and under that version we found that large attachments were stripped off, but small ones made it into the outgoing e-mails. With RT4, it seems like any attachment, no matter how small, is getting stripped off.

For what it’s worth, here are the settings in RT_Config.pm and SiteConfig.pm:

Set($MaxAttachmentSize, 1010241024); # 10MiB
Set($TruncateLongAttachments, undef);
Set($DropLongAttachments, undef);
Set( $TreatAttachedEmailAsFiles, 0);
Set($MaxFulltextAttachmentSize, 0);
Set($DontSearchFileAttachments, undef);
Set($TrustHTMLAttachments, undef);
Set($AlwaysDownloadAttachments, undef);
Set($AttachmentListCount, undef);

How big are the attachments you’re testing with? Can you test with a small attachment first to make sure its not the size of the attachments

I’ve been trying it with 30kB-sized attachments.

The template looks alright, when you look at the outgoing email it doesn’t say that the attachment was not included? Or the email should have included it and the recipient did not receive it? Could it be an issue the recipients email client is not allowing the attachment?