RT3 is spawning 2 additional processes everytime something is done

I assumed mod_perl in this case. I’m guessing that fastcgi or speedycgi
won’t open multiple connections as they’re piped through a single daemon?
Are you using fast/speedy cgi?

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Subject: Re: [rt-users] RT3 is spawning 2 additional processes everytime
something is done

Each httpd process will open a MySQL connection … though MySQL should
have no problem going over 14 with the default config. In any case to
set your default timeout (I suggest this for an application I wrote,
use the following in /etc/my.cnf:

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing, and perhaps this behaviour you talk
of is mostly for RT3 (We’re still on RT2), but I only ever see one rt_user
session logged in to MySQL, regardless of how busy my Apache is.

“mysqladmin -v proc” is what I do to verify this. When the system is
I only see:

| 6806 | rt_user | localhost | rt2 | Sleep | 0 | |

But the number of processes is never greater than one for the rt_user.
Perhaps I’m confusing the mysql threads and processes with unix processes
(there being 13 mysqld processes running)…I’m not much into databases.

If there’s something definitely wrong with what I’m seeing, that the
mysqladmin -v proc should report many rt_user queries when the system is
“busy” then I’d like to hear about it so I can figure out what’s not tuned