RT3 custom OnCorrespond condition question

What I would like to do is have two different actions happen after a
correspond, depending upon who enters the correspondence.

If a user who is a member of Group “Staff” enters correspondence, then I
want one thing to happen. (Ticket Status changes to Stalled.)

If a user from “outside” the system creates correspondence, I want
another action (Ticket Status changes to Open.)

The idea is that a tech enters correspondence on an Open ticket, and it
changes to Stalled to indicate that we’re waiting on a response. When
the response comes back, the ticket changes to Open to indicate that the
ball’s in our court again.

Would you do this by having two types of On Correspond conditions, or by
having an action that could do two things depending upon the type of user?

I looked around in the docs, the wiki, and the mailing lists and didn’t
see anything that rang any bells for me.

Stuart Krivis stuart@krivis.com