RT3 Action/SendEmail.pm SendmailPath error check patch

I’m not sure where to be sending patches like this. But in RT 3.0.0, there
isn’t any checking on the “SendmailPath” config entry. It defaults to:


Which I’m sure works fine on Linux and friends, but Solaris it should, of
course, be:


And looking at the log files didn’t provide much in the way of help to point
out this obvious oversight on my part when I went through the Config file. In
looking at it SendEmail.pm doesn’t check the return status of the open
command. The following patch at least puts something in the log file stating
that the SendmailPath couldn’t be opened:

------ Begin diff

diff /tmp/orig/Action/SendEmail.pm SendEmail.pm

< open( MAIL, “|$RT::SendmailPath $RT::SendmailArguments” );

        open( MAIL, "|$RT::SendmailPath $RT::SendmailArguments" ) || $RT::Logger->crit($msgid.  "Cannot open SendmailPath $RT::SendmailPath");

------ End diff

(Again, if there is a place I should be sending these, let me know)


Jeff Ballard ballard@engr.wisc.edu 608-265-5090
Assistant Director and Unix Systems Manager
Computer-Aided Engineering