RT3.8.7 MobileUI Extension 1.01 not saving cookies for iphone browser (solved)


we recently installed RT::Extension::MobileUI 1.01 in our RT 3.8.7 and
all was sunshine and happiness in the land of mobile goodness for some
time. Then one morning it stopped working for my iphone… (iOS 5.01)
(but not other iphone users in our org). Specifically as follows:

  • Surf to site (OK)
  • Login - doesn’t return an error, but just returns to the login page
  • Login again - shows me the mobile interface as expected
  • Click on any link on the page, or search for anything --> takes me
    to login page
  • Login again - shows me the link that should have appeared the first time

Basically any time you execute an action, you have to login again,
after which it displays…

So… I think that it’s to do with cookies… and it is… I’ve just
found the answer…

Settings -> safari -> Accept Cookies (from visited).

(on the iphone itself)

It was previously set to “never” which I’m guessing must have changed
when I did the last firmware update.