RT3.0 Approvals

Hi there,

I’m using RT3.0 and I have one queue which is set up for approvals. Everything is working OK, but I’ve got a request to add additional information to the scrip which is executed upon ticket creation.

Here is what is currently in use:


This deployment needs your approval: “{$Ticket->Subject()}”,

Please visit {$RT::WebURL}Approvals/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id}
to approve or reject this ticket.

Requested by: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->RequestorAddresses}
Sent to: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->CcAddresses}

Of course, the Transactions function simply returns a hash. I’m not sure if I can turn this around and retrieve the appropriate information from the previous ticket, or if there is a more functional way of achieving this. (displaying content of the request in the approval notice).

Any thoughts?