RT3.0.9 Attachment performance feedback

Hey all,

This weekend i upgraded our system to RT 3.0.9. I was really looking
forward to this release as our company uses a ton of attachments in
tickets and we were getting serious performance issues. The server is a
2.0GHz Dell with a gig of ram. I’m using FastCGI and apache 1.3.29.

Before i upgraded i ran some tests on the previous 3.0.8 system. On a
large ticket with a single 10k attachment i reloaded the ticket in
mozilla several times and got the following load times, in seconds: 17,
28, 19, 36.

Then i did the following:

  • Upgraded the system from Redhat 9 to Fedora Core 1 using yum and a
    local repository. (so easy!)
  • Downloaded the perl 5.8.3 source RPM from Fedora Core 2 Testing,
    changed the SPEC file to have threading off (20% speedup according to
    perl docs), compiled and installed it.
  • Installed RT 3.0.9, SearchBuilder 0.97 (the CPAN version worked fine
    for me), and all new dependent CPAN modules.

Then i ran my test again, but this time i timed from when i hit reload
to when the page was entirely rendered. I got the following times, in
seconds: 17, 17, 18, 17.

So it looks like performance has gotten more consistent, which is
definitely a step in the right direction. The incremental rendering is
also a huge improvement since page rendering and the important fields
for scanning tickets (requestor, status) are displayed super quick.