RT3.0.6 - New Action - PageQueueAdmin

I’ve been looking for more information on this, but can’t seem to find
anything that explains it in a way that helps me in the archives or

I’d like to send email to a queue admin on creation of a ticket. I’ve
got a template that will work fine, the OnCreate condition is obviously
there, but I need a new action. I’d like to have it email the template
in the scrip to either members of an RT group, or simply to a static
list of addresses defined in the action itself.

Am I missing something similar that has already been done? Or am I
going about this in the wrong way. Due to how we use AdminCC, etc, this
is not a viable solution (I’ve already gotten the "just add your pager
address as an AdminCC, etc. responses the last time I inquired about

Thanks in advance,