RT3.0.6 - Language Problems


I must be one of the lucky guys that put a RT3.0.6 in RH8 + APache2 + Mysql

  • modperl2 at the first.

As for now everything is working as planned, but I have a commom problem,
since i’ve seen it several times before in the list, but no fix for now.

When I choose in RT_Config for him to autodetect the language i never get
the portuguese one. Sometimes the spanish, sometimes the english…

I even tried to rename the pt_br.po file to pt_pt.po but it still does not

Any portuguese users (or any others have any idea on how to fix this?)

BTW: This is going to be a project for the Goverment here in Portugal, and
since everything else is runnig smooth by now, this is the only thing that
is missing.

Best regards,
Jorge Alves

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