Rt2cli problems

Hi All,

I have a tool that was written to interact with RT via the "rt2cli"
script found with RT2. With minor changes, the script works fine for
RT3, except when I try to simply comment a ticket:

rt2cli --verbose --id=1234 --noedit --comment --source bleh

Now, it works when creating a ticket, but the above is giving me the
following error:

[Mon Mar 20 22:24:46 2006] [debug]: Now working on ticket 1234
[Mon Mar 20 22:24:46 2006] [debug]: Looking at admin ccs (/dev/fd/4:712)
[Mon Mar 20 22:24:46 2006] [crit]: RT::Queue::KeywordSelects
Unimplemented in main. (/dev/fd/4 line 726) (RT.pm:295)

Any ideas on an easy solution to this? What do KeywordSelects have to do
with commenting tickets, yet the following create ticket command works:

rt2cli --verbose --create --queue=queue --status=open
–subject=subject --noedit --reply --source bleh

For RT3, changes made to this script are as follows:

. use lib /rt3/lib
. use lib /rt3/etc
. comment out CleanEnv()
. comment out RT::DropSetGIDPermissions();

Thanks in advance
(path names shortened, etc, etc)