RT2 to RT3 upgrade advice

I am planning my RT2 to RT3 upgrade in the next week and was hoping
anyone could offer their advice or problems they’ve had with the upgrade.

My plan was to backup my database and filesystem, reload server with
updated Linux OS, reinstall RT2, upgrade to RT3 using scripts provided
for database migration. My RT2 interface is customized a little bit,
but it’s all simple visual, we haven’t affected the working of the
program. Are their any things I should watch out for in a pretty
straight forward upgrade?

Sorry to post this if it’s already been posted, I couldn’t remember
where to go to search the archives.

Brad Pinkston
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I would do the rt2-to-dumpfile before you rebuild the server so that you
are dumping using the old version of DBIx::SearchBuilder. There have
been some issues with the newer versions dumping the data correctly.

Once that is done, there is no reason to re-install RT2 at all and you
can do a fresh install of 3.2 and run the dumpfile-to-rt3 script. After
that, you can do an upgrade to 4.4 if you so desire.

Brad Pinkston wrote:

And of course, I meant upgrade to 3.4, not to 4.4.

Drew Barnes wrote: