RT2 to RT3 migrationn

Greetings all,
I recently inherited a project to upgrade our 120,000+ RT2 system to an
RT3 installation. The tool that was given to me is the migration tool
version 1.8. I have found it a bit slow and not as smooth as I would
like. Somewhere around ticket 36,000 i got a DBI error about an
unsupported method that failed the script. Restarting it caused mysql to
complain about the duplicate primary key of ticket ‘1’ when the script
tried to recreate it. I tried to drop the Tickets table and recreate it
as the ‘initialize database’ script does, but found that to not be a
quick fix. The end solution was to drop the db, and start the script
from scratch. That was about a day ago, and when i left it this morning,
it was on 'D’s for users. My question is as follows:

Is there a more recent version of migration tool?!?

If the answer is no, ill reply with the error in a day or two when the
script fails.