Rt2-to-rt3-1.23 ORACLE import fails with: : Attempting to add a member to a group which wasn't loaded. 'oops' and ORA-01406


I’ve been trying for much of the weekend to convince ‘dumpfile-to-rt-3.0’ to
import the dump I made from RT-2.0.13, but I haven’t made any progress in
even understanding the problem, much less fixing it. The RT::StockAnswer
from Jesse was “upgrade to perl-5.8.3 because 5.6.1 sucks”, but after
dragging my server kicking and screaming through the upgrade to 5.8.3, I’m
no better off.

I’ve included the output from the import tool below, and I’ve also attached
it to this email in case my mailer mangles the formatting, or the high-bit
characters. Can anyone help me understand how to troubleshoot this? I’m not
sure if the ORA-01496 error is the root cause here, or whether the earlier
message about adding a member to an unloaded group is relevant.

Oracle’s Metalink has the following to say about that error:

Error: ORA 1406
Text: fetched column value was truncated
Cause: In a host language program, a FETCH operation was forced to truncate
character string.
The program buffer area for this column was not large enough to
contain the entire string.
The cursor return code from the fetch was +3.
Action: Increase the column buffer area to hold the largest column value or
perform other appropriate processing.

Any bells ringing? Is this similar to MySQL’s maximum packet size? Almost
sounds like it’s a limitation in the perl code though instead of the
database, at least from the description above. Is it possible the subject
line is overflowing things?? It looks suspiciously long and … well binary.

Assume for a moment that there’s no way to fix this. After a close
examination of the ticket I really don’t care if we get it into the new
database or not. Is there any way to surgically remove it from the RT2 dump
I created so that I can re-run the import and just skip past this one?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice/commiseration.


(output from import follows)

[Mon Mar 1 01:20:55 2004] [crit]: Attempting to add a member to a group
which wasn’t loaded. ‘oops’ (/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Group_Overlay.pm:934)
Couldn’t create ticket HASH(0x9079d34) $VAR1 = {
‘Status’ => ‘deleted’,
‘Queue’ => ‘sales’,
‘InitialPriority’ => ‘50’,
‘Started’ => ‘2002-04-18 14:47:38’,
‘Starts’ => ‘1970-01-01 00:00:00’,
‘_RecordTransaction’ => ‘0’,
‘id’ => 83,
‘LastUpdated’ => ‘2002-04-18 14:47:38’,
‘Requestor’ => [
‘Subject’ =>
‘FinalPriority’ => ‘50’,
‘Creator’ => ‘1922’,
‘Owner’ => ‘10’,
‘LastUpdatedBy’ => ‘1174’,
‘EffectiveId’ => ‘83’,
‘Created’ => ‘2002-04-18 08:17:04’,
‘Priority’ => ‘50’,
‘Due’ => ‘2002-04-23 08:17:04’
Couldn’t create attachment
$VAR1 = {
‘Subject’ =>
‘ContentType’ => ‘multipart/related’,
‘Headers’ => 'Return-Path: gb@lists.debian.org
Delivered-To: sales_hylafax@polaris.dazza.org
Received: from YUBIN (unknown []) by polaris.dazza.org
(Postfix) with SMTP id EC466254019 for sales@hylafax.org; Thu, 18 Apr 2002
01:17:00 -0700 (PDT)
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/related; type=“multipart/alternative”;
X-Priority: 3
X-Msmail-Priority: Normal
X-Unsent: 1
Message-Id: 20020418081700.EC466254019@polaris.dazza.org
‘Creator’ => ‘82’,
‘Parent’ => ‘0’,
‘Created’ => ‘2002-04-18 08:17:04’,
‘id’ => ‘1024’,
‘TransactionId’ => ‘779’

ORA-24345: A Truncation or null fetch error occurred (DBD ERROR: ORA-01406
error on field 5 of 12, ora_type 1)
[Mon Mar 1 01:20:55 2004] [crit]: Died at ./dumpfile-to-rt-3.0 line 714.
[root@polaris rt2-to-rt3-1.23]#

interchange (3.42 KB)