RT2 -> RT3 Questions

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I’m sure this has been discussed here recently, but I can’t seem to find
the references. I have two related questions:

I’ve just done a fresh install of RT 3.4.1 on a new system. We’re
currently running 2.0.15 in production on another box. The latter is
using mysql, the new RT is using postgres.

We’re not necessarily interested in importing our tickets from the old to
the new RT. But because we do have a ticket history that affects our
dealings with users, we’d like not to use ticket numbers in the new system
that may have been used in the old. So, my first question is this: can I
set up the new RT so that ticketing will begin with a number greater than
1, e.g., 40000?

Right now, I have nothing much in the new database, so if I have to do
something like a dropdb and initdb, that’s OK. But I would like to know if
that can be done without messing up my already-completed install.

My related question is this: I’ve seen reference in recent postings to
rt2-rt3 conversion tools, but I don’t know where to find them. Perhaps I
won’t really need them, but I’m still interested in case we decide to
import our old tickets after all.



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