RT2 questions (watchers)

Hi, So I have set up RT2 on site here and we are intending to use it to
manage all kinds of things. I have a few quick questions that I hope some
one may be able to help me with. We are running RT2 2.08 with a Mysql
backend and with a Sendmail[TM] MTA.

Add watchers doesn’t work:
I log in as root->Configuration->Queues->Select a queue-> and I cant go
anywhere from here. I am presented with a form to query users but it
looks to be missing a submit button. I have already set up users to manage
and use the queue , I have given several users/groups watching priveledges
for this queue.

Bookmark a search could be better: It would be great if you could save a
search, name it something and have it appear as a link on the search box
on the left in the search page. Maybe seperated somehow from the current
search criteria. We want end users/ticket requestors to be able to view
all resolved tickets failry easily (Ideally without have to build there
own query). THis is a feature suggestion. Does someone in the lknow have a
sense for how hard something like this would be to add. I know perl so I
might have a crack at it.

Oh and thanks alot for RT, it’s pretty much exactly what the doctor

Tom Hallaran
Washington University Genome Sequencing Center