RT2 Attachments.Contents Lookups

Right now I’m hacking together an Invoicing & Reporting front end for RT
using Microsoft Access and myODBC. So far everything is going great.,
but I do have a question for the group.

Since the RT interface is *nix and Access is windows I’m having a
problem with a lookup on [Attachments.Contents]. When I lookup the
contents of the field on a windows host I’m getting some strange
characters (all the 's get turned into [] boxes.) Basically the
exact same thing you get if you open a unix file in windows notepad…

Sooo… What can I do to make the lookup work properly? Every solution
I have found to date would require converting the data in the database
(which would cause problems with RT right?)

Fred.Purdue Fred.Purdue@Pobox.com

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