RT-Win32 3.0.10pre1 call for testers

I’m happy to announce the newest RT-Win32 build:

1,454,556 bytes.

Based on RT 3.0.10, this release now uses FastCGI for much, much faster
startup and execution. It also has rudimentary POP3 support; inspect
C:\Program Files\OurInternet\Common\fetchmail\README for instructions –
remember to set Reply-To address in global config to the same pop3
account fetchmail is using.

I have only given this build cursory testing, so if you have a spare
Win32 machine laying around, please give it a try.

Upgrade should Just Work. You can even download TortoiseSVN from
tortoisesvn.tigris.org and receive updates automatically by
right-clicking the “Request Tracker” folder and choose “Update”.