RT-Win32 2.1.14

Hello everybody again. :slight_smile:

The Request Tracker Apache2-Win32 Port is now updated to 2.1.14,
using the perl 5.8 RC1, as well as fixed numerous bugs found in
the first round of general testing. Thanks for everybody who’ve
sent me bug reports. :slight_smile:

It is believed that this version is basically functional now,
although the incoming-mail handling issue still hadn’t been tackled.

Also, File uploading are all broken since I’ve kluged all POST
requests into GET to work around a ModPerl2’s problem that I
can’t quite lay my hands on.

This release corresponds to the main branch’s 2.1.14 version, but
with additional tweaks both as patches to the source and as helper
files under the winrt/ directory.

There are four files available for download:

  • http://autrijus.org/rt-2-1-14-win32.exe

    This executable is a all-in-one installer for general users.
    It defaults to install in “Program Files\Request Tracker”,
    but any other directory will do. It comes with Apache2.0.36,
    Perl 5.8.0-RC1, MySQL 4.0.1-Max, RT 2.1.14 (patched), as well
    as the WinRT helper files under winrt/.

  • http://autrijus.org/rt-2-1-14-win32.zip

    This file contains the rt/, winrt/ and perl/site/lib directories
    from the above installation; it is intended for developers that
    wishes to build one’s own environment. You need to install the
    latest version of Perl (with ithreads), MySQL (with InnoDB)
    and Apache2 to the perl/, mysql/ and apache/ directories, run
    winrt/bin/initdb.bat to initialize the database, and (optionally)
    use MakeNSIS to build a distribution from winrt/build/rt.nsi.

    Use winrt/bin/winrt.bat to start the RT service.

  • http://autrijus.org/rt-2-1-14-win32.tgz

    This file contains the rt/ and winrt/ directories in UNIX line
    ending, aimed for non-win32 developers and RT core developers
    for the ease of merging.

  • http://autrijus.org/rt-2-1-14-win32.diff

    This file is the unified diff between the rt/ directory and the
    official rt-2-1-14.tar.gz distribution. See this for what has
    been changed to the main branch.

Please report any problems to autrijus@autrijus.org.


Oops. Thanks to jedi@jedism.org for pointing out that this serious bug
that prevents reply/commenting a bug on windows has crept in (see patch
below). Just FYI.


==== //depot/RT/lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm#9 (text) ====

@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@

 my $cgi_object = $RT::Mason::CGI;
  • my $filehandle = eval { $cgi_object->upload( $args{‘AttachmentFieldName’} ) } or return;
  • if (my $filehandle = eval { $cgi_object->upload( $args{‘AttachmentFieldName’} ) }) {

    use File::Temp qw(tempfile tempdir);

@@ -379,6 +379,9 @@

 #	}
  • }
    return ($Message);