RT-Win 3.0.10 fetchmail

Hi all,

Anyone know where the packaged fetchmail puts it’s lock file?

Basically, I’m playing around with a small RT-Win (thanks to Autrijus
for porting this, it’s very handy for us Windows folks!) install, and
after some fiddling now have almost everything going… But the
included fetchmail doesn’t like me. Admittedly it’s experimental!

Basically I’m getting a:

C:\Program Files\OurInternet\Common\fetchmail>FETCHM~1: starting
fetchmail 6.2.5 daemon
fetchmail: lock creation failed.

message on running ‘rt-mailgate.lnk’.

Incidentally, what’s the best way of going about suggesting an addition
to Wiki page for the Windows port (or the included doco)? I had no luck
at all getting it going until installing Cygwin…


Danny Smith

Thanks to a list user, got this one sorted out with NT filemon.

It lives in the cygwin home directory for the user trying to run
fetchmail, if anyone else runs into the same issue.