RT-Users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 2

during a server switch, a client wants to use Oracle on the new server
instead of MySQL. Is this feasible/possible using tools like mysql2ora
et.al.? Or should we forget about it, finish the current project on the
old system and start with a fresh install?

Not hampered by any knowledge about mysql :wink: I would try to dump all
data, if possible, to either straight insert statements and import it as
such in Oracle, did this for another application, or if thats not
possible try to massage the export from mysql into something you can
process with sqlloader from Oracle to get it into the Oracle database.
The β€˜nice’ thing about RT in its current state is that is has no
constraints inside the database and as such it should be possible to do
the former without any problems on a per table basis and even to post
insert the CLOB columns if needed.

You can contact me, off list, if you need further help and you think I
can help you further.


Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege@mococo.nl