RT Training Announcement - April 27 & 28 2009 - Boston MA

Best Practical Solutions provides unparalleled instruction in how to
get the most out of RT. We’ve been teaching users and administrators
how to get the most out of RT since 2001. Since 2003, we’ve offered
intensive one-day RT administrator training sessions to the general

In response to your requests, we’ve extended our RT training program
to cover additional material targeted at beginning to advanced RT
users. We’ve split training across two days. The first day starts
off with a tour of RT’s web interface and continues with a detailed
exploration and explanation of RT’s functionality, workflows and
configurability. We’ll touch on basic administration, but concentrate
largely on helping you and your team get the most out of your RT

The second day of training picks up with basic RT administration and
covers everything from point-and-click configuration to installation
of RT, development best practices and database tuning.

It goes without saying that you’ll get the most out of training if you
attend both days of the course, but we’ve designed the material so
that you can step out after the first day with a dramatically improved
understanding of how to use RT or show up on the second day and get
quickly up to speed on how to make RT do your bidding.

A spot at either day costs $995 USD. You can save 25% if you attend
both days of training. That’s just $1495.

If you reserve your seat before March 15th, you can save an additional
20% by mentioning the discount code ANNOUNCE09.

Each class includes breakfast, coffee/tea, and an afternoon snack, as
well as all training materials.

Day 1 - RT User Training - April 27th 2008
This intensive day-long tutorial about RT starts with basic day-to-day
use and continues with detailed training about advanced RT features
including saved searches, dashboards, data analysis and options for
automating your workflow.

This session will cover:

 * The purpose and general use of RT
 * New features in RT 3.8
 * Saved Searches and customizing searches
 * RT's Dashboards feature
 * Customizing RT's workflow to match your own, with examples of  

workflow optimization
* Automating common procedures
* How to make simple custom reports based on RT’s data
* A short intro to RTFM, the RT FAQ Manager
* General Q&A Session

Day 2 - RT Administration and Development – April 28th 2008
This intensive day-long session aimed at RT administrators and
developers covers everything from installation to backups, interface
and backend customizations. You’ll learn how to customize RT to meet
your organization’s unique needs and how to make sure that RT stays
fast, reliable and flexible.

This session will cover:

 * New features in RT 3.8 RT's system architecture
 * A guided tour of the RT source code
 * Extension mechanisms you can use to customize RT
 * RT Installation, including the basics of Tarballs, and  

* Examples of how to optimize RT for your organization
* How to tie RT into your existing authentication infrastructure
* Building your own tools that talk to the RT backend
* Customizing RT’s workflow to match your own
* Automating common procedures
* How to write custom reports based on RT’s data
* Custom coding, modifications, and callback creation
* A brief preview of RT4
* General Q&A Session

This spring, these sessions will be only be offered in Boston, MA. If
you can’t make it to Boston this April, please drop us a line to
request a public training in your area. We haven’t yet scheduled
training for Summer/Fall 2009 yet – your feedback will help us decide
where to offer additional sessions.

RT User Training – Monday April 27th 2009
RT Administrator/Developer Training – Tuesday April 28th 2009

When you register, please tell us whether you’d like to register for
the whole training session or only for a single day.

To reserve your seat, please email training@bestpractical.com. We
like to keep class sizes relatively intimate. Please register soon or
we may not be able to guarantee you a seat.

Private Training
Additionally, we offer private training sessions for organizations. If
you would like to schedule a private training session, please drop us
a line at training@bestpractical.com.

To reserve your seat, please send mail to training@bestpractical.com
with the names and email addresses of all attendees.

In the case of credit card payments, a receipt from the credit card
payment constitutes your reservation.

A copy of our payment and cancellation policies will be emailed to you
upon receipt of a reservation.

Payment Policy
The cost of training includes all necessary materials. We accept
payments by check or wire transfer. Discounts may be available for
organizations sending more than one participant and for academic

If you wish to pay via check or wire transfer, we will email you an
invoice upon receipt of your reservation. If your company requires a
printed invoice, please provide us with your accounts-payable contact
and address.

If payment is not received two weeks prior to the class date, we may
be forced to release your reserved seat. Unless you notify us that you
will not be attending the session at least two weeks in advance, you
will still be responsible for some or all of the cost of the session.
For more information, please see the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy
To cancel your reservation, please send mail to training@bestpractical.com
with the names and email addresses of those who wish to cancel.

If you notify us that you will not be attending training at least two
weeks prior to the class date, the entire class fee will be refunded.

If you notify us that you will not be attending training less than two
weeks before the class date, Best Practical will charge a $250 USD
cancellation fee.

If you notify us that you will not be attending training less than 72
hours prior to the start time of the class, the entire fee is non-

Hotel Information
There will be a limited number of discounted hotel rooms available at
the training venue for attendees. More information regarding
transportation options and parking will be provided when you register
for a class.

Cassandra Phillips-Sears
Office Manager
Best Practical Solutions, LLC