RT to go

[I’m terribly busy this week, but I figure I should probably at least chime in here]

RT to go is something that I’ve definitely been pondering for some time.
The degenerate case that I wanted for quite a while was to be able to sync
RT to a todo-list like application on a palmpilot. Sadly, the standard todo
application doesn’t keep track of enough metadata to actually allow you
to “check-off” tasks on a pilot.

A “disconnected” mode for RT that involved a local RT miniserver which could
sync with a master server and then allow a limited range of operations on
tickets is something that I see as hard, but definitely doable. I suspect
it’s in the “2-3 months of my time to do right” bucket, but, of course,
I’d want to spec things out a bit better. The last time I did serious design
for this was before the RT 2.0 codebase was written.

An easier solution would probably be to craft a set of mason templates which
render a spider-safe version of of the web ui, which contains only internal
links, and retargets the various action links at mailto: URLs. I could also
see a mini-app which uses the enhanced mailgateway to allow ticket updates and
creation via a cute web gui and the enhanced mailgateway as has been discussed

For my personal use, I’ve found that a couple of simple reports, like
http://fsck.com/rt2/NoAuth/Buglist.html and the wapRT wireless frontend
have eliminiated most of my need for disconnected RT. If you are
interested in having me work on disconnected RT, definitely drop a line
to sales@bestpractical.com.



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