RT SLA Extensions

It’s already there. Just don’t grant rights to see and/or modify the
field to other users. And I think it’s even described in the doc.

PS: Don’t forget to write to rt-users or rt-devel lists.On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 7:10 PM, Carlos Silva cmsilva@mobicomp.com wrote:

Hi Ruslan,

I’ve been charged with adapting our current RT infrastructure to better
meet our needs, and one of the requirements is support for SLA current
state tracking.

I’ve seen two modules on CPAN (Business::SLA and RT::Extension::SLA)
that look promising, but they don’t match our needs because from what
I’ve understood their SLA tracking is made at the ticket level while we
would need something at the queue level as we don’t want the ticket
requestor to choose the ticket corresponding SLA, but in it being
associated with the queue.

Do you have any plans to implement something like this for any future
versions, any suggestions on how to or accept patches for this? I’m
still getting my feet wet with RT.

Thank you for your time, regards.
Carlos Silva

Best regards, Ruslan.