RT-Shredder Doesn't Shred Reminders?

Good day,

I need to clear out all old data from our RT instance. We’re currently running 4.4.1. I’ve got a script setup to use RT_Shredder to clear out tickets with a type of ‘ticket’, but am unable to shred those with a type ‘reminder’. The reminders are viewable in RT, and I don’t see any linked ticket info there. I can only assume the original ticket has already been deleted. I can even run RT_Shredder pointing directly at the ticket and I receive “Objects list is empty, try refine search options”.

How can I go about deleting these old reminders? I’ve got half a mind to update the type to ‘ticket’ directly in the database, but am unsure what that may break.

Thank you!


Well, reminders are just a type of the ticket as you write. What if you change the status to ‘deleted’ and then search for the status and shred it? It’s a hack but may work :slight_smile:

BTW I’ve tried it and it works as desired:

/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-shredder --plugin ‘Tickets=query,Queue=“support” AND Type = “reminder”’
SQL dump file is ‘/root/20190208T111909-0001.sql’
Next 10 objects would be deleted:
       RT::Ticket-example.org-156283 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-156303 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-160596 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-160611 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-160996 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-161002 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-161006 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-161664 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-179434 object
       RT::Ticket-example.org-257578 object

The last reminder (ticket #257578) I’ve created just few minutes ago. Using RT 4.2.15 and it’s shredder now.


Hey Petr,

Thanks for your reply, you’ve proven some interesting results! It seems that the query string requires you to set the type as a reminder, otherwise it doesn’t check for them.

This does NOT work
"Tickets=query,ID = idnum"

This does work
"Tickets=query,ID = idnum AND Type = 'reminder'"

At this point, I’m just gonna delete all existing reminders using the shredder and then disable them.

Thanks again!