RT server to deliver mail via secondary server

Hello RT users / admins,

I got my RT 4.4.4 to work, but my sever is not authorised to log in to the SMTP server. Instead, we have another server which is authorised. So, I guess, somehow, I have to use sendmail to deliver mails from my RT server to the authorised one so this last delivers the mail to the SMTP server.
Which configuration should I set to sendmail to deliver to the other server? The sendmail.cf is already set to use the relay.
How does the other server get the mail from the RT server and delivers it to the SMTP server?
I have read about installing the rt-mailgate to the other server, but I need more info on this.
Any help help would be much appreciated it.


From the RT server you should be able to just relay outgoing email to the server that does have access to the mail server which will then relay to the SMTP server. I have used Postfix for relaying in the past and it makes it very easy to setup:

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