RT-Send-CC not working


Using a fresh/vanilla RH7.3 install with RT 2.0.14 and apache statically
compiled with mod_perl and a combination of sendmail/fetchmail for
sending/receiving, oh yea, and also MySQL.

Here`s my scenario – I send an email from "addressA@mydomain.com" that goes
into an RT queue. When I reply to that ticket, I input "addressB@mydomain.com"
in either the Cc: OR the Bcc: of Update.html and send away without making any
other modifications. The browser rolls over to Display.html stating
"correspondence sent" and it correctly shows “RT-Send-CC: addressB@mydomain.com"
in the update. "addressA@mydomain.com” correctly receives the reply BUT the
headers say nothing about a Cc: field, then of course "addressB@mydomain.com"
never receives the carbon copy or blind carbon copy.

I`m using the following in my config.pm:
$MailCommand = ‘sendmail’;
$SendmailArguments="-oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m";
(ALSO tried $SendmailArguments="-oi":wink:
$UseFriendlyToLine = 0;

I get no errors in any logs (no sendmail/RT/or syslog errors). I dont know much about the backend of RT as of yet and dont really have the time right now so I
was hoping that somebody out there had a suggestion or two for me. Perhaps this
is a sendmail configuration issue?