RT + RT::IR 5.0.1 new Custom Fields vanish when accessed with REST API 2.0


I have defined two new Custom Fields via the admin GUI of RT, one a “Select date” the other a free form “Enter one value” type of Custom Field. Both fields show up in RT when accessing the system with a browser.

However, when I try to set or read these new Custom Fields over REST API 2.0, they seem to be silently ignored, no error or anything is reported. Is this impossibility to use any other than predefined Custom Fields a feature or a bug in REST API 2.0?

In case it is a feature, any precise pointers as to what section of code of REST API 2 should be manipulated would be more than welcome.

Br, Mika

Hmmm … further testing. I was apparently tripped by the visibility and manipulation settings of Custom Fields: these need to be set in addition to creating the Custom Fields themselves. These settings are available in via the “Group Rights” and “User Rights” tabs in the Custom Field editing view. Also check which queues/tickets your Custom Fields are associated with.