RT querybuilder problem

Got this note from my director regarding our RT (v3.4.0) installation.
I’ve verified the same behavior by pasting into the Advanced Query
Builder at rt3.fsck.com. Is this a bug in RT/DBIx::SearchBuilder, or a
problem with our expectations?

Mark Roedel
Web Programmer / Analyst
LeTourneau UniversityFrom: Holeman, Gary
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 10:55 PM
To: Roedel, Mark
Subject: WIT query problem

I’ve created a query that is giving me fits. I finally had to use the
Advanced Query Builder to get it right. What I want is:

( Status != ‘resolved’ AND Status != ‘rejected’ AND Due < ‘today’ )
AND ( ( Queue != ‘ITS-BlackBoard’ AND Queue != ‘ITS-General’ AND
Queue != ‘WD-WebDevGeneral’ ) OR ( Priority > 88 AND Queue =
‘IT-Programming’ ) )

But, when I switch back to the Query Builder mode, it changes that one
OR to an AND. In the Query Builder, I can highlight that particular AND
and press the And/Or button. It will change it to an OR, but if I run
it, it changes back to an AND. Have you used this enough to see if I’m
doing something wrong or do you know of any bugs with this?