RT progress


I spend some time hacking at RT every day, I’m continously trying to end
off the day when I see that something is actually working. From now on
I’ll also try to post a daily summary of what I’ve done.

Today I’ve fixed an action for resolving member/children tickets when one
"group ticket" is resolved.

I’ve fixed an action that sends spam to requestor of all member/children
tickets when a “group ticket” is responded to. This is far from perfect
yet, it sends one mail with a loong to-list; it really should send off
many mails with only one requestor at the to-list, and with the ticket id
of the subrequest.

I’ve putted in comments about how to implement the “send autoreply
only once (a week)” mechanism, I really think it would be only maybe half
an hour work to implement it, but Jesse and I have agreed to postpone it
until post-2.0. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I’ve found and fixed some small bugs.

Darn, I thought I had done so much, but it all boils down to that I’ve
spent most of the time replying mail, hanging around at UseNet and
searching for some of the new bugs I introduced to the code.

New things that doesn’t work:

  • The CGI. Jesse has added some session/authentication code that it
    currently only available through the ModPerl version.

  • Lots of warnings and debug information has to be cleaned away. My boss
    tried to test if it was possible to send mail to the queue, but he got a
    bounce with a lot of debug information and warnings … not very popular.

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aka TobiX
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