RT performance, my feedbacks

Greetings RT users,

we had poor performance with RT 3.0.4pre3, with one hundred users and
large database entry (about 2Go of attachement, 60 000 Tickets and
roughly 700 000 entries in cachedgroupmembers).

One day, we’ve decided to solve that, we’ve done the following actions,
and we’ve gained about 300% of performance.

  • we added indexes in CachedGroupMembers
    (create index member1 on CachedGroupMembers (MemberId); and create index
    group1 on CachedGroupMembers (GroupId):wink:
  • upgraded to 3.0.5pre3
  • purged tickets from their attachments to 1Go of data.

We re running MyIsam table type and we will certainly try Innodb when
we will get some slowdowns.

I hope that will help.


Manuel de Ferran