RT performance measurement using apache benchmarking (ab)

[rt-users] performance problem - RT3.0.3 on Postgresql 7.3.3(solution)
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 09:45:46 +0200
Paul Wagland wrote:

Since other people may also be interested…

Apache comes with a program called “ab”, however it has the limitation that
you cannot get it to login. So, using liveHTTPHeaders and Mozilla, I login,
grab the session key and pass it to ab using the -C switch.

The I just do the following (this is all from my linux box, but I am sure
you could do the same under windows/other OS of choice):

ab -C RT_SID=9ac14f4de509e51f7f33def5634fff8a

I’ve been trying to track down why most ticket displays take as long as
30 seconds, and I have two questions:

Is the RT_SID what is stored in the id column in the sessions table
in the database? If so, simple sql can be used to pick up the RT_SID.

How can I know what page is being returned by my ab query?

I’m guessing that what is being returned is not the page that I’m
requesting, but the login screen. This is because ab reports around
200 ms for the response regardless of whether or not I use a session ID.

I’m running RT 3.0.7 and postgresql 7.4.

I’m picking up the RT_SID (I think) from the sessions table
and then running:
ab -C RT_SID=93c6f3d798f8d03cc0fe0a6bcb8acdd4

Thanks for any help or suggestions.