RT not executing sending autoreply

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem with my RT installation that seems to have appeared out
of nowhere some time ago. The problem is that RT is no longer sending out
the autoreply to ticket requestors. RT accepts mail from the requestor and
creates the ticket just fine, the requestor just doesn’t get the email
"receipt" telling them that the ticket was created. This worked perfectly
until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that it had stopped
working properly until recently and I can’t identify any software upgrades
that may be related to the problem.

All other email correspondence appears to work perfectly with the

I’m using the default scrip:

On Create -> Notify Requestors -> Global template: Autoreply

The log shows the following:

[Tue Mar 16 19:31:54 2004] [info]:
rt-3.0.6-536-2798.19.5572912028694@hopkins.k12.mn.us #536/2798 - Scrip 2
[Tue Mar 16 19:31:54 2004] [info]:
No recipients found. Not sending.

It looks like RT is not seeing the requestor here. The Web interface shows
the requestor info and, as I mentioned before, all other mail correspondence
works perfectly.

I’m using the Debian binary of RT (3.0.6) with PostgreSQL (7.3), mod_perl,
apache 1.3.x, and perl 5.8.3.

I’d appreciate any ideas about how to proceed in tracking down the problem.


Timothy Wilson
Technology Integration Specialist
Hopkins ISD #270, Hopkins, MN, USA
ph: 952.988.4103 fax: 952.988.4311 AIM: tis270