Rt: Malformed RT response from CLI

Hi all,

We have our RT system up and running and have started adding queues
etc. I realized that the CLI will be required to populate a bunch of
items quickly

I started reading teh CLI guide in the RT:Essentials book - and right
from the first test command : rt list “status=‘new’” I am getting the
"rt: Malformed RT response" error

Can anyone shed some light on this?

fyi : when i run ‘rt’ i get the following screen : the preview release
item made me wonder if i had a bad version installed

** PLEASE REPORT BUGS TO rt-bugs@fsck.com **

This is a command-line interface to RT 3.

It allows you to interact with an RT server over HTTP, and offers an
interface to RT’s functionality that is better-suited to automation
and integration with other tools.

In general, each invocation of this program should specify an action
to perform on one or more objects, and any other arguments required
to complete the desired action.

For more information:

- rt help actions       (a list of possible actions)
- rt help objects       (how to specify objects)
- rt help usage         (syntax information)

- rt help config        (configuration details)
- rt help examples      (a few useful examples)
- rt help topics        (a list of help topics)