Rt Login Problems in 3.4 / 3.6 for Single Sign On Solution

We have been working on a Single Sign On Adapter for the TYPO3 Content Management System.
It should login Typo 3 Users to RT autmatically

This works fine with RT 3.6

What we do:

  1. Call a Perl Programm called Login.pm which does Login in RT
  2. Rt creates the session in the database and gives back the session object to a PHP program
  3. PHP generates the Rt cookie with session ID and gives the browser a redirect URL in format http://Server/index.html?SessionCookie=XXXXXXXX (Session value)

In the end there is a valid session in the database, a cookie written to the browser and the redirect URL

The problem:

RT 3.6 takes this nicely and grant access to the user
RT 3.4 does only show the Login screen.

Where is the difference in the Login behaviour?
Why does RT 3.4 not accept session URL and cookie ?

Thank you very much for hints on this.
We are really running out of ideas.

Kind regards

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