RT LDAP Question continued

To List,

I had earlier said:

“WE use LDAP authentication for RT. What we want to do is have the LDAP
authentication code evaluate the UserID so that not only the UserID
works, but also the email address AND the Employee Id can be used as
well. I thought there might be a way to point some LDAP configuration
setting to point to a different directory/file or different parameter
passed to allow such a condition. Does anyone have any experience with
this kind of thing? Thanks in advance.”

What I want to add is that we already have the required code in 

existence. In fact, we have it as perl code, .net code and in jsp. What
I need to know is how can I get RT to execute this code in the most
efficient way. I’d rather it be a matter of passing RT a different
parameter or something, but certainly, there is a way to point it to a
local directory/file whe executing “xxx” or something. Any ideas or
experience in this?? Thanks.