RT Ldap Only some helpdesk users are authing


It seems only some of the helpdesk users are authenticating against
active directory.

Can someone suggest why.

  1. Do I need to add each user by hand in RT?
  2. Can I set the helpdesk up to auto create the new user when they try
    to auth?
    and if they are have sent email requests in the past I thought they
    would they would have been auto created into the help desk when the job
    get sent to the queue.


I just created the user as root in the rt config interface.

To test I set a different local password to that of the one in ADS.
I logged in with the ADS password and it worked.

This leads me to think that I need a way to auto create users. I need to
do this tomorrow. Can anyone show me specifics on this? Probably
something in the RT_Site… file?

Apr 6 23:05:06 testme RT: AUTH OK: julesh (CN=Jules
Holt,OU=Administration,OU=STAFF USERS,DC=blah,DC=Blah)
Apr 6 23:05:06 testme RT: Successful login for julesh from
Chris W.

ps. Has anyone got ldap code to grab user’s telephone details from ADS.

cpwe.vcf (268 Bytes)