RT integration with Asterisk open source PBX?

I’m currently using Asterisk PBX and RT 3.4.1.
I’d like to have the ability for tickets to be created from voicemail
messages left through
I’d also like the ability for callers to be able to query a RT ticket
via a phone call to

I have tried the Asterisk AGI from this page:


but it seems that the rt-soap-server.pl does not work with the version
of RT I am using, 3.4.1 .
As a result the interface between RT and asterisk does not work.

Has anybody got something like this working? Is there a likely fix for
the rt-soap-server.pl which
will make it work with 3.4.1 ?

Here’s hoping!!


p.s. I’ve posted similar messages to the asterisk community but so far
drawn a blank.
Asterisk site is www.asterisk.org